Want to develop the principles of Teaching for Mastery in your department? Our fully funded Secondary Teaching for Mastery and Mastery Specialist programmes provide a great opportunity for continued professional development for you and your department.

Become a Mastery Advocate

The first year of the Secondary Teaching for Mastery programme aims to support you in developing the principles of Teaching for Mastery in your department. You and another teacher from your school act as ‘Mastery Advocates’. Supported by a Secondary Mastery Specialist (trained expert teacher from a local school), you will work in your own classroom and across your department to develop a bespoke programme of professional development suitable to your needs.

Become a Secondary Mastery Specialist

Following the success of the Secondary Mastery Specialist programme thus far, Maths Hubs, working in conjunction with the NCETM, are now seeking applications from secondary schools that wish to nominate ‘lead teachers’ to take part in an important three-year professional development programme leading to the designation of Secondary Mastery Specialist. The first year of this programme involves attending central NCETM events as well as personal development activities, such as visiting classrooms to see teaching for mastery in action.