The National Maths Hub is running a Research and Innovation work group seeking to identify issues surrounding the transition between Key Stages 4 and 5 in Maths, (ie GCSE and A level). It aims to link Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 teachers together to improve maths education in schools and colleges.

It is well known that many students struggle to come to terms with the demands of A level Maths, particularly early in the course.  This group will investigate the reasons and possible solutions for this, as well as hopefully providing opportunities for teacher visits to classrooms and schools/colleges in contrasting Key Stages.

As a starting-point, even if you don’t wish to be involved with the project, if you have five minutes to spare, please click to complete a questionnaire which will help our investigation.

I have already surveyed 50+ Year 12 A level Maths students to find out their opinions of the first term of A level compared to GCSE, so it will be interesting to compare what both teachers and students think!

Who is it for

Teachers of either KS4 or KS5 or both are needed to make this a success. The aim is to link both.

With staff at Truro and Callywith colleges already signed up, this could be a particularly useful group for KS4 staff in feeder schools to these colleges.

What is involved

The work group will meet online once in the Spring then again near the end of the Summer Term, and  ‘exchange’ visits will be arranged.  The first of these meetings will be for 90 minutes after school on 9 February from 4.15- 5.45. If you are interested in joining the group, please click the link:  to register.

What is the cost?

The project is fully funded by the Maths Hub programme and is free to all participating schools/colleges.

I am very excited about this opportunity to try and not only improve the links between KS4 and KS5 but also share resources such as Post GCSE summer work between schools.

Thank you

Debbie Bland

Level 3 Lead at CODE